Built For The Working Man

The Indestructible Smartwatch™

Run It Over, It Doesn't Care.

Meet The Team

Morgan Jr. (Founder)

During his 3 decades of service as a firefigher, Morgan and his son Anthony began tickering with their hobby project.

Building watch cases trying to protect Morgan's 84' Rolex GMT-Master (his prized pocession) while he worked fighting fires.

The first prototypes barely fit under his sleeves!

The rest is history.

Anthony (Chief Operating Officer)

Current running COO. Often steps into the engineering department to oversee new developments.

Jonathan (Logistical Manager)

Known around here as "Mr.On Time" , Jonathan makes sure logistics and shipping are always running smoothly. You better make sure not to walk in late when he's on shift.

Our Support Team

This wouldn't be possible without our support agents helping our customers every step of the way. Questions, Concerns, send them our way.

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The Indestructible Smartwatch™

Built For Hard Work

Where We're From.

📍Montréal, Quebec, Canada 🍁

Customer Service Hours:
Weekdays: 9am - 6pm EST
Weekends: 9am - 5pm EST

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